5 Tips about Las Vegas Destination Weddings You Can Use Today

Destination weddings don't need to be held in a different nation
It turns out that millennial couples have a much more comprehensive analysis when it pertains to the concern "what is a destination wedding?". Sure, destination weddings can happen in a foreign nation, but much more happen right here in the U.S. According to the WeddingWire survey, nearly 1 in 4 couples consider their wedding to be a type of destination wedding, however just 13 percent said it happened abroad. In fact, 43 percent of those who specified their wedding as a destination wedding got wed in a different state, not a various nation. And just one-third of couples hosting a destination wedding had to fly to get there. So really, a wedding doesn't require a four-hour flight and a passport to be a destination event (though 80 percent of couples said their guests did need to travel and remain overnight to attend their wedding day)-- in fact, few do.

Tropical destination weddings are in the minority
Okay, so a destination wedding does not require a crazy amount of travel, however a lot of destination weddings happen on the beach, right? Wrong! Only 22 percent of couples host their destination wedding in what's considered a tropical destination. Real, when selecting a location for their destination wedding, 84 percent of couples point out weather as a leading aspect, that doesn't imply that a tropical area is a must. This suggests that couples are choosing other types of locations for their destination wedding, from vineyards to mountain resorts, national landmarks, city locations, and more.

Couples select a place that's special to them
The answer to the question "what is a destination wedding?" might be this simple: A destination wedding is hosted in a place that's unique to the couple, that does not include their hometowns or where they currently live. According to the WeddingWire study, 53 percent of couples picked their wedding destination since it's significant to them. And half of couples in the study chose to have a destination wedding because it's a special experience. Whether it's a favorite destination, a beloved city, or a college town, millennial couples desire every aspect of their wedding, from the area to the smallest of details, to feel personal.

Couples hosting a destination wedding have a longer engagement
You may think an easygoing destination wedding can be thrown together at the last-minute, however these weddings require a fair bit more planning than a hometown occasion. The average couple hosting a destination wedding invests 17 months planning their special day, as opposed click here to visit website to a 13-month preparation timeline for couples hosting home town weddings This makes sense when you think of it, as couples normally want to provide their visitors more see to book travel and accommodations than if they were hosting a home town wedding. And if couples wish to visit their wedding locale a few times to consult with suppliers, that will need extra time.

Destination weddings have method fewer visitors than hometown weddings
It probably comes as no surprise that destination weddings have fewer guests than hometown weddings. According to the WeddingWire study, the typical couple hosts 94 visitors at a destination wedding, as compared to 132 visitors at a home town wedding.

Destination weddings are held during the day
62 percent of couples host their destination wedding events in the daytime, as opposed to 54 percent of couples weding in their hometowns. And another interesting reality-- couples hosting a destination wedding are less most likely to hold their ceremony in a home of praise (only 12 percent do, as opposed to a quarter of those hosting a home town event), meaning they're most likely opting for outside ceremony settings to totally embrace their wedding area.

Couples hosting a destination wedding are most likely to hire a wedding organizer
Less than a quarter of couples hosting hometown weddings hire a wedding coordinator, and the majority of frequently they're getting a day-of planner. Plainly, couples hosting destination weddings see the long list of benefits of hiring a planner, whether it be one who is based in their wedding location (our recommendation) or a pro from their house base.

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